We have developed a test system for inductive charging or an automotive supplier, by means of which the coreless transformer by simply changing the frequency and the inductive and capacitive sizes can be optimized. For this purpose, a power stage and an adjustable LC filter of GPoTronics was developed.

The essential Eckparameter this development are:
  • Power stage with a max. output power of about 3.3 kW.
  • max. input voltage of 500 VDC.
  • µ-Controller with LAN Interface.
  • 19" rack.
  • Interlock of high voltage connectors.
  • Monitoring of all important parameters such as temperatures, voltages and currents. Quick turn off in case of an error.
An efficiency of up to 92% could be detected at a transmission distance of up to 100 mm.

Currently there is
in the planning an increase in capacity to 11 kW with a simultaneous increase of the voltage levels up to 800 V by means of silicon carbide semiconductors (SiC).
Subsequently, the block diagram of the application: