In the railway sector we offer the following consulting services:
  • Support for modernization (e.g. inverter, DC-DC converter)
    • Creating the specifications
    • Preparation of applications
    • Evaluation of tenders (technical and commercial)
    • Selection of suppliers
    • Negotiation Strategy (implement price reductions)
    • Contract management
    • FAI
  • Consulting for public transportation authorities
    • Construction and maintenance of sustainability (energy management)
      by purchasing new or even with existing equipment
    • Maintenance management
    • Spare Parts Management
    • Obsolescence (procurement and selection of alternatives, possibly conversion and reaction with examination)
    • Claim Management (compliance with MTBF and LCC-values)

This has the following advantages for the authorities:

  • Independency

  • Comprehensive know-how

  • Selection of the best price and the best technology

  • Cost savings (both in initial purchase, as well as the spare parts inventory)